12 dBi RFID UHF antenna

12 dBi RFID UHF antenna
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12dbi external RFID antenna for RFID modules.


  • 865-868MHZ
  • Intelligent transport system
  • Intelligent parking management - automatic vehicle identification
  • Sports event application
  • Other applications:  manufacturing, retail, national defense security, electricity, finance, tickets, medical equipment, school, attendance, dining, swimming pool management


  • Attractive, install and use conveniently
  • Fast read & write, high performance, Long read & write distance
  • Waterproof :IP67 


Installation diagram:

The antenna can be installed on steel frame or pillar through its own bracket, and connected with the reader through the coaxial line. The antenna can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the installation orientation of the bracket. After installation, the tilt angle of antenna can be adjusted according to the actual situation to obtain the best performance of reading. The antenna can be used outdoor, but it is not suitable to use in acid-base environment.


1. Fix bracket to antenna with quarter US flange nut.


2. Fix the antenna on vertical frame or pillar with M8x125mm screw, washer and screw nut.