Board terminal Chainway V600 / fingerprint

Board terminal Chainway V600 / fingerprint
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Based on telematics and featuring 4G LTE network, stable Wi-Fi, Ultrafast Quad-core processor, GPS & BDS, Two-channel external camera, 5MP Autofocus camera, Fingerprint and Face Recognition, OBD data collection and Bluetooth 4.0, supporting calls, SMS, voice and recording functions, it can fully realize the overall management of school buses, transit buses, touring coaches, freight trucks, dangerous goods trucks, taxis, etc., effectively ensuring traffic safety.

The package includes:

  • antenna GSM, WIFI
  • antenna GPS
  • holder
  • power cable
  • camera (optional)
  • service cable (optional)
Android OS Fingerprint Scanning 4G LTE HF RFID OBD Data Collection HD Camera




Vehicle-mounted Computer

Chainway V600


    Powerful Application Performance    
      Chainway V600 features powerful quad-core processor, secure and fluent Android 5.1 operating system, together with 1GB/2GB of RAM, 8GB/16GB bulid-in flash storage, plus a SD card slot that can add up to 64GB of memory.    
    Extensive Data Capture Functions    
      Chainway V600 can collect, identify and verify the fingerprints, IC cards and even faces of drivers and passengers. These options facilitate safe personnel information collection and management for driving school vehicles, school buses, public transportation and logistics transportation.    
    Accurate GPS & BDS     OBD Data Collection Function  
      Chainway V600 can get real-time information like vehicle location, speed, direction and route. It raises an audible alarm if the vehicles veer aout of the predetermined route. It also supports to ask for help by SMS or call if there is an emergency.       Chainway V600 can accurately record the speed and fuel consumption, and raise real-time alarm. It helps analyze driving behaviours and give pertinent suggestions, saving traffic overheads. Professional vehicle fault diagnosis is realized to ensure road safety and prolong life span.  
    Fast Wireless Connectivity     Two-channel Camera  
      Whether indoors or outdoors, V600 provides enterprises with anywhere, anytime real-time connectivity by Bluetooth, fast 4G LTE network and 2,4G & 5G Wi-Fi.       Configured with two-channel external camera, V600 can take photos and videos simultaneously. The high-definition 5,5 inch capacitive touch panel enables you to adjust backlight brightness. Non-volatile memory ensures information storage under conditions of power off or network off.  




Barcode scanner1D/2D imager
RFIDHF (13,56 MHz)
Operating systemAndroid 5.x
Charging cradle optionYes
CPUQualcomm 1.3 GHz quad-core
Pistol gripNo
Fingerprint readerOptical
InterfaceMicro USB, USB type A, OTG, sluchátka, Audio Speaker, mikrofon
KeyboardTouchscreen only