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Mobile terminals CHAINWAY

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Rugged Rubber Boot with hand strap for Chainway C66
In stock 5 pc
14,41 EUR17,43 EUR incl. VAT

Odolné gumové pouzdro pro mobilní terminál Chainway C66 s gumovým páskem na ruku.

Battery cover for Chainway C6000
In stock 20 pc
4,43 EUR5,36 EUR incl. VAT
Náhradní baterie pro mobilní terminál Chainway C6000.
Chainway R3 Desktop RFID Reader
In stock 2 pc
362,0 EUR438,0 EUR incl. VAT
Professional Short Range RFID Reading, Tailored for Desktop Applications
Rugged Rubber Boot for Chainway C66
In stock 17 pc
14,41 EUR17,43 EUR incl. VAT

Rugged rubber case for Chainway C66.  

Chainway R5 Wearable BT RFID UHF Reader
In stock 3 pc
362,0 EUR438,0 EUR incl. VAT
Robust RFID Reading and Writing. 2000mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, Impinj R2000, Android/iOS support
Wristband for Chainway C66
In stock 11 pc
8,13 EUR9,83 EUR incl. VAT

Rubber Bumper for Chainway C66
In stock 35 pc
8,13 EUR9,83 EUR incl. VAT

Chainway C66 charging cradle (4x C66 device)
In stock 1 pc
166,2 EUR201,1 EUR incl. VAT

Chainway C66 charging cradle (3x C66 device 1x 4 batteries)
In stock 2 pc
184,7 EUR223,5 EUR incl. VAT