RAM Mounts X-Grip® Universal Holder for 10" Tablets

RAM Mounts X-Grip® Universal Holder for 10" Tablets
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The RAM Mounts RAM-HOL-UN9-DFSU consists of a spring-loaded composite cradle, extendable gripping arms and an additional bottom support bracket. The mount is equipped with gripping knobs located on the back of the cradle that allow quick release of the tablet from the mount. The RAM-HOL-UN9-DFSU fits most 10" tablets perfectly both in and out of the case. Of course, even smaller sized tablets have no problem with it. Please check the dimensions of your tablet for compatibility with the X-Grip® before purchasing the holder.

The RAM Mounts X-Grip® is compatible with tablets whose dimensions correspond to those listed below. When determining the overall size of your device, you will need to verify the dimensions of your tablet including the case.

Mount dimensions:
Minimum width = 158,75 mm (6,25 ")
Maximum width = 205,74 mm (8,1 ")
Depth = 22,22 mm (0,875 ")
Maximum length (using additional supports) = 260,35 mm (10,25 ")

ManufacturerRAM Mounts
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