mobile data terminals - barcode readers - RFID - Stormware Pohoda - consumables
For all terminals that are not in stock, we are able to lend an equivalent model for testing, development, or presentation to the customer.

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Mobile terminal Chainway C3000 / 2D imager
In stock > Qty 5
598,5 EUR724,1 EUR incl. VAT
Board terminal Chainway V600
In stock ≤ 5 pc
397,4 EUR480,9 EUR incl. VAT
Mobile terminal Chainway C70 / 2D imager
In stock ≤ 5 pc
559,1 EUR676,5 EUR incl. VAT
Mobile terminal Chainway C72 / 2D imager / RFID UHF
In stock ≤ 5 pc
884,9 EUR1 071 EUR incl. VAT



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