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Mobile terminals, also known as industrial terminals, are designed for the harshest environments. This is matched by their resistance to rough handling. Resistance to drops and water is nowadays standard for these devices. Another great advantage of industrial terminals is their HW equipment. The mobile terminals can be equipped with a professional laser module for reading 1D barcodes or a 2D imager, which can handle e.g. QR codes.

Other equipment can be a module for reading and writing RFID including an integrated antenna or equipment for biometric authentication. Mobile terminals can be purchased with a classic keyboard or purely touchscreen. It depends on the intended use.

Most often, industrial terminals are used in warehouses, logistics or production processes. Browse our range of top-quality CHAINWAY industrial terminals.

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CHAINWAY C61 - easy and flexible data entry

Next-generation industrial terminal with Android 9.0 OS and Qualcomm Octa-Core processor. Equipped with a numeric / QWERTY keypad, a 6700 mAh battery that can be removed if necessary and supports fast charging. Advanced data features such as barcode reading, RFID, NFC along with dual band Wi-Fi make this device the perfect partner for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, or retail.

CHAINWAY C66 - performance and expandability

Durable mobile terminal with a high degree of expandability. Built on Android 9.0. OS and Qualcomm Octa-Core processor, featuring a 5.5-inch display, a powerful removable battery with fast charging support and a pistol grip.

CHAINWAY C70 - thin, lightweight yet durable

Chainway C70 is an Android mobile terminal with a 5.2" high resolution screen. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry and work with. It can be equipped with barcode scanning module, NFC, iris recognition and other advanced features.

CHAINWAY C71 - expandable functions and flexible use

industrial rugged mobile terminal with a high degree of expandability. It uses Android 8.1 OS and Octa-Core processor, a large number of optional features such as barcode reading, NFC, HF, UHF, fingerprint recognition, infrared communication, PSAM, or camera. The excellent performance makes the C71 an ideal tool for logistics, retail, warehousing, healthcare, energy, parking management or government projects.

CHAINWAY C72 - long distance barcode scanning

Durable Android mobile computer. It can be equipped with the Zebra SE4750MR scanning engine, which enables error-free and fast barcode reading at distances of up to 6 m. The Chainway C72 is equipped with a fast Octa-Core octa-core processor and an 8000mAh battery. With its superior features, the C72 suits the most demanding applications.

CHAINWAY C6000 - durable and easily portable terminal

Durable mobile terminal with optional features such as barcode scanning, NFC and more. The device has a removable battery with high capacity. Thanks to its robustness, this terminal meets all the demanding requirements of operations and increases the efficiency of work in logistics or warehouses.

CHAINWAY P80 - large screen and many features

Durable tablet with Android 9.0 and a wealth of features. With a Qualcomm octa-core processor, 8" screen, 8000mAh battery and comprehensive data collection capabilities such as UHF RFID, barcode scanning, HF RFID/NFC, iris scanner and fingerprint recognition, the P80 meets all requirements for operations in retail, logistics, energy, warehousing or transport.

CHAINWAY R1 - Supports Multiple Protocol Standards With Excellent HF&UHF Performance

high-performance RFID Reader/Writer. With integrated UHF RFID modules based on Impinj E310 chip, R1 offers excellent UHF RFID performance. Together with the support to HF RFID and PSAM, R1 is able to read/write a wider range of tags. Besides, it supports Windows/Linux SDK.

CHAINWAY R2 - stunning UHF performance

A handheld reader with stunning RFID performance. The reader uses the Impinj R2000 chip, which allows a reading distance of 15 meters outdoors and can store up to 50,000 tags. Optionally, the reader can also be equipped with a barcode scanning module, and it also allows flexible connectivity with any smart device via Bluetooth making the collected data easy to transfer.

CHAINWAY R3 - professional RFID reading at short distances

A desktop UHF RFID reader that allows you to read tags at short distances (up to 45 cm). In combination with a highly efficient anti-collision algorithm, it quickly processes the read data and writes the necessary information to the tags. High identification accuracy is guaranteed. Chainway R3 supports Windows / Android / IOS and allows data transfer via Bluetooth or Type C USB.

CHAINWAY R5 - wearable BT RFID reader

Nositelná UHF čtečka, osazená RFID chipem Impinj R2000, který umožňuje čtení ze vzdálenosti přes 9 metrů. Přenos dat se provádí skrze USB typu C, zařízení umožňuje výměnu informací skrze Bluetooth s příslušnými aplikacemi nebo SDK. Zároveň R5 může být spárována s Android/iOS zařízeními.

CHAINWAY R6 - turn your mobile phone into a professional RFID device

Chainway R6 is a specially designed device that turns a smartphone or PDA into a comprehensive professional solution for reading or writing UHF RFID. The Chainway reader is equipped with the best UHF chip in its category - Impinj R2000. It is characterized by high performance in reading and writing UHF. Tags can be read at a distance of more than 10 meters in outdoor environments. The sled reader is comfortable in the hand and easy to use.

CHAINWAY MR20 - Robust RFID Reading and Writing

Wearable RFID reader Chainway MR20 represents a new generation of wearable data collection devices. It is a compact and portable device that can be easily worn on a glove, wristband or lanyard. This will make your work more convenient and flexible. With its built-in UHF module, the Chainway MR20 is a truly powerful data collection device that is also easily connected to Android and iOS devices thanks to Bluetooth technology.

CHAINWAY SR160 - RFID and barcode reading

Chainway SR160 is a powerful UHF Scanner that supports both UHF RFID and 1D/2D scanning. Adopting self-developed UHF RFID modules based on the Impinj E310 chip and offering excellent single-tag reading performance, SR160 can read various tags fastly and accurately with a maximum reading range of more than 30cm.

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