CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel

CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
CM710-8 UHF RFID Module 8 channel
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Chainway CM710-8 is an eight-channel UHF RFID reader module. It can be integrated into UHF RFID mobile readers, fixed readers, card readers, integrated RFID readers and so on. Because the module is compact, low power consumption, resistant to electromagnetic interference and good heat dissipation, it can be easily integrated into smaller portable devices.

These features combine to make the CM710-8 reader module an ideal candidate for deployment in every conceivable environment. This makes the module ideal for demanding industrial areas such as warehousing, logistics, production lines and so on.


Impinj E710 chip UHF RFID Durable and stable Excellent heat dissipation
Low power consumption
Easy connection of antennas



Chainway CM710-8 UHF RFID modul

Fast communication, ports for 8 antennas
Different communication speed can be set for each antenna.
Wider reading angle thanks to eight antennas.

High quality RF chip Impinj E710 
The module is equipped with the Impinj E710 UHF RFID chip, which makes it possible to read and write UHF RFID over longer distances with less phase noise.

The ideal assistant for data collection
Stable and sensitive RFID tag reading, resistant to electromagnetic interference.
Support for reading over longer distances.
The module can be deployed in demanding processes. Reading frequency reaches 950 marks per second with high accuracy.

Professional temperature monitoring
The internal heat sink is made of heat-sensitive material which allows it to transfer heat well.
This eliminates the need for additional external cooling equipment.
The built-in chip monitors the temperature of the module and thus ensures perfect protection of the entire system.

Stable performance and monitoring.
The module can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It intelligently detects CPU operation.
Check the antenna connection. The reception can be terminated by remote command for protection and security reasons.
igh resistance to electromagnetic interference.
The integrated RF chip provides the module with greater stability.

Low energy consumption   Unrivalled rigidity   Easy application development

The CM710-8 module works perfectly with a 3.5 V DC power supply. The module was designed with a low power consumption of 7.5W and 42.5µW in RF output mode. In addition, standby mode or put the device to sleep can be used, greatly extending the operating time of all UHF devices.   The module is equipped with precise and reliable components that achieve high rigidity. It is, without exaggeration, a masterpiece.   A documented SDK is available to facilitate further development. You can even easily connect the module to your computer and start testing. This makes the whole development process more convenient and efficient.


PIN# Interface Description
1 GND Negative
3 VIN Positive
4 VIN Input voltage range: 3.5-5.25 VDC

Reserved GPIO 3.3V TTL Level

6 NC  
7 GPIOI Reserved GPIO 3.3V TTL Level
8 BUZZ Driving 3.3V buzzer
9 UART_RXD UART receive 3.3V TTL Level
10 UART_TXD UART transmit 3.3V TTL Level
13 GPIO2 Reserved GPIO 3.3V TTL Level
14 EN

>1.25V power-on mode

<1.18V stand-by mode

15 NC  
Operating systemWithout OS
Dimensions and weight    
Dimensions 93 mm x 79,75 mm x 8,9 mm  
Weight 108 g  
RF chip 10% - 95%  
Air Interface Protocol EPCglobal Gen2 ( ISO18000-6C)  
Working Frequency 865-868 / 920-925 / 902-928 MHz (design for own frequency band)  
Output Power 5-30dBm adjustable; step interval 1dB; accuracy +/- 1dB  
Output Power Flatness +/- 0.2 dB  
Antenna 8 channel 50Ω RF connector SMA socket  
Regions Supported FCC 902-928 MHz
ETSI 865,6-867,6 MHz
China 920-925 MHz
Others for customization ( 865-868, 902-928 MHz )
Receive Sensitivity < -86 dBm  
Tag RSSI supported  
Antenna Detector supported  
Ambient Temp Monitor supported  
Working Mode Single/DRM  
Communication Interface    
Conector 15 PIN FPC conector  
Host UART 3.3V TTL Level  
Communication Baud Rate: 115200bps  
Power Supply    
Input Voltage DC 3.5-5.25V  
Power Consumption in RF Output Mode 7.5W  
Power Consumption in Standby(EN hight TTL level) 0,175W  
Power Consumption in Power Down(EN low TTL level) 42.5 μW  
Reading Performance    
Fastest Read Rate 950+ tags/s  
Reading Range Up to 10 m ( with 6dBi antenna, tag Alien9662 )  
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