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Mobile terminals accessories

Accessories to Chainway mobile data terminals are a simple way to make them even more comfortable. Whether you're looking for a durable case, replacement battery, charging cradle, or a pistol grip with an integrated battery for your terminal, you'll find it all in this category.


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Spare battery for Chainway C6000
In stock 7 pc
26,27 EUR31,79 EUR incl. VAT
Spare battery for Chainway C6000 data terminal.
Rugged rubber boot for Chainway P80
Within 14 days of ordering
48,41 EUR58,58 EUR incl. VAT
Protective rubber cover for Chainway P80 industrial tablet.
Vehicle charge cradle for Chainway C66
70,93 EUR85,83 EUR incl. VAT
Vehicle charging cradle is specially designed for Chainway C66.
Chainway C66 device battery charging cradle (4pcs)
on the way
70,93 EUR85,83 EUR incl. VAT

Trigger handle for Chainway C66
Within 14 days of ordering
48,41 EUR58,58 EUR incl. VAT

Charging cradle for Chainway C6000
In stock 14 pc
48,04 EUR58,13 EUR incl. VAT

C6000 general charging cradle, can charge one device, Type-C port, use with DC-C6000-TypeC.

Carrying case for C3000/C4000/C4050/C6000 with pistol grip
In stock 19 pc
48,41 EUR58,58 EUR incl. VAT
Carrying case for C3000/4000/4050/C6000 with pistol grip.
Charging station for Chainway C72
In stock 9 pc
39,41 EUR47,68 EUR incl. VAT
Charging station for mobile terminal Chainway C72.