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RAM Mounts size D

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RAM Mounts Double Ball Adapter size D
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The RAM-D-230U is a 2.25" double ball connector, allowing you to connect two socket arms together and maintain a flexible mount.  

RAM Mounts Ball Base with 1.5" x 3.5" 4-Hole Pattern
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The RAM-D-202U-24 contains a 2.25" diameter rubber ball connected to a rectangular plate with a 4-hole pattern of 1.5" x 3.5" center to center.  

RAM Mounts 100x100mm VESA Plate with Ball
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The RAM-D-246U consists of a 2.25" rubber ball, connected to a 4.75" square plate with 4x100mm holes and 4x75mm holes in each corner.
RAM Mounts Double Socket Arm
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The RAM-D-201U-C, short double socket arm, has a socket at both ends that accommodates 2.25" ball bases. A single spring inside the arm opens the end sockets, allowing you to pivot the ball and socket connection. This socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles.
RAM Mounts Rail Clamp Ball Base for 1.25" - 1.875" Rails
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The RAM-D-271U-12, round pipe base, consists of a 2.25" rubber ball connected that will connect to a pipe tubing diameter from 1.25" to 1.875" in diameter.