Touch screen terminals

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Partner-tech SP-635 BZ, all-in-one 15" touch terminal and PC

Partner SP-635 BZ

Within 14 days of ordering
764,4 EUR924,9 EUR incl. VAT
Partner SP-550, all-in-one 15" touch terminal and PC

Partner SP-550

Within 14 days of ordering
858,9 EUR1 039 EUR incl. VAT
Partner-tech SP-850BZ, all-in-one 15" Touch POS system

Partner SP-850BZ

Within 14 days of ordering
1 119 EUR1 354 EUR incl. VAT

The touch-screen terminal is actually a computer hidden in the monitor. This is not just a touch screen display device but a full-featured computer in a durable package. Due to the compactness of the entire system, no additional equipment is needed. The appearance of the touch-box terminal is adapted to its use and you do not need to be ashamed of it. If you are looking for a stylish and compact cash system solution, the touch-screen terminal is the right choice.


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