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RAM mounts velikost B

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RAM Mounts Diamond Ball Base
In stock 3 pc
6,84 EUR8,28 EUR incl. VAT

RAM Mounts RAM-B-238U, se skládá z jednoho kulového čepu o velikosti 1"(velikost B), který je připevněn k podložce diamantového tvaru s otvory podle průmyslového vzoru AMPS.    

RAM Mounts Triple Magnetic Base Adapter
In stock 4 pc
20,91 EUR25,30 EUR incl. VAT

One of the latest additions to the RAM product line is a new magnetic base. This simple adapter mates to your new or existing mount that has a RAM-B-202U base with ball. Once attached, you have a moun...

RAM Mounts Double Ball Adapter size B
In stock 1 pc
17,49 EUR21,16 EUR incl. VAT

The RAM-B-230U, double ball joiner, consists of a 1" rubber ball on both ends that allow the connection of two 1" socket arms. When measured from ball center to ball center the arm length is 1.75". Th...

RAM Mounts Round Plate with Ball
In stock 6 pc
9,12 EUR11,04 EUR incl. VAT

The RAM-B-202U consists of a B Size 1" diameter rubber ball connected to a flat 2.5" diameter plate. This mount has pre-drilled holes, including the universal AMPs hole pattern.  

RAM Mounts Ball Adapter with AMPS Plate
In stock 1 pc
9,12 EUR11,04 EUR incl. VAT

The RAM-B-347U base consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball connected at right angles to a 2" x 1.7" square base. The base has four pre-drilled holes at each corner, making the universal 1.5 x 1.188 (ho...

RAM Mounts Handlebar U-Bolt Base for Rails 1" to 1.25" in Diameter
In stock 3 pc
17,49 EUR21,16 EUR incl. VAT

The RAM-B-231-1U a 1" rubber ball designed to sit at right angles to the mounting rail. The stainless steel coated metal u-bolt accommodates rails in diameter from 1" to 1.25" in diameter. The base al...

RAM Mounts short arm for 1" ball
In stock 1 pc
9,88 EUR11,96 EUR incl. VAT

The RAP-B-201U-A, short double socket arm, has a socket at both ends that accommodates 1" ball bases. This socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. (This pr...

RAM Mounts Strap Hose Clamp Ball Base
In stock 4 pc
19,77 EUR23,92 EUR incl. VAT
The RAM-B-108BU consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball connected at a right angle to a v-shaped base. The RAM-B-108BU accommodates rails from 1.0" to a maximum of 2.1" in diameter.
RAM Mounts Tough-Clamp™ Large Base with Ball
In stock 3 pc
26,99 EUR32,66 EUR incl. VAT
The RAM Tough-Clamp™ includes a 1" ball which can be used to mount a variety of products utilizing RAM's vast selection of mounting solutions.